Don’t run the risk of having a locked or stolen iPhone!

Easily check if an iPhone is locked, lost, stolen, blacklisted… and everything else you should know.

iPhone IMEI Check

What do we check?

50+ iPhone checks can be performed!

Network/Carrier SIM lock Check
Checks which network / carrier initially locked your iPhone
Current Lock Status
Checks if you have a locked or unlocked iPhone
Global Blacklist Check
Checks if you have a Lost, Stolen, In-Contract, with Outstanding Balance iPhone
iCloud Activation Lock
Checks if you have an iCloud Screen Lock enabled to your iPhone
Device Replacement Check:
Checks if your iPhone has a replaced IMEI/Serial number ( refurbished devices )
Hardware Warranty Status:
Checks if your iPhone is still under Apple’s warranty

and much more…

IMEI iPhone Check

Who supplies the data?

We use private and public databases with real time data!

  • SIM Lock data (incl. Initial SIM lock Carrier ) comes straight from Apple’s Global Service Exchange ( GSX ) servers
  • Stolen & Lost iPhone data comes from over 12 global network providers, including Apple’s GSX servers
  • Technical specs data comes from various public database
  • more than 10 other IMEI databases online


  • Cheap, Simple & Risk-Free iPhone Unlock Checks

    Get your iPhone ready for Unlock in less than 60 seconds!
  • Dial *#06# or go to Settings -> General -> Info
    for example: 013627004334731
  • We will only contact you if there is a problem with your request.
  • Price: $7.95
  • Full IMEI iPhone Check
    $11.35 $8.45 USD (30% OFF)
    includes: Network Check, Blacklist Check, Replacement Check, Warranty Check & 4 other checks
  • $0.00